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Rack colocation
Within our shared room we can provide a dedicated rack or part of a rack to house customer’s equipment. Each cabinet has an individual locking system, dedicated power feed (optionally dual power feed), coming from A/B or A&B Power distribution units. To each row of rack there are four levels of overhead cable trays included. Various cross-connect preset up options are available – copper, coax, fiber. Within the Cold isle containment area the density of the equipment per rack can reach upto 8 kW without compromising the cooling of the devices.

Customer racks will occupy a shared area alongside those of other clients. Each cabinet has a dedicated power feed (optionally dual power feed), coming from A/B or A&B Power distribution units. Overhead cable trays included.

Caged racks
This solution represents a physically separated from the rest of the data center customers and protected by fences and locking system space. With granularity of minimum 2 upto 70 racks in a cage, customers share power distribution and the climate control system with other clients. As a standard security cameras and card access control is in operation but biometric hand geometry readers, and individually locked systems are upon request.

Private Rooms & Suites

For the highest level of security and privacy customers can have an entire data center and NOC operation moved to 3DC and even built to their requirements and design. As a dedicated walled off space, which can be tailored to the needs or regulations of our customers, this service gives the choice of individual or shares climate control, separate power distribution and security access. 3DC can configure the cable distribution systems and place the cabinets if necessary or leave a third party to construct and build the suite, according to the customer’s requirements.

Each colocation service can have any power configuration of following:

  •     AC power, 1-phase 230V, 5-63 amps
  •     AC power, 3-phase 400V, 5-63 amps
  •     DC power – 48V, 20-100 amps
  •     "True" A/B power feeds